Now at CertCenter: Sectigo E-Mail Certificates

The e-mail certificates (S/MIME) from Sectigo are now also available as a cost-effective alternative to the existing e-mail certificate products (e.g. from GlobalSign). Sectigo e-mail certificates can encrypt and sign e-mails but can also be used for client authentication.

The following Sectigo products are now available:

These single certificates differ essentially in the type of validation and the information contained in the certificate.

  • Sectigo E-Mail Certificate Basic
    Validation: by e-mail
    Information in the certificate: E-mail address
  • Sectigo E-Mail Certificate Pro
    Validation: by e-mail and official document (e.g. identity card)
    Information in the certificate: e-mail address, first & last name
  • Sectigo Enterprise E-Mail Certificate
    Validation: via mail and official documents about the person and the company
    Information in the certificate: e-mail address, first & last name, company name

If you have any further questions, please contact your CertCenter team by telephone, e-mail or via the live chat.

Your Luis Federico Reimers

CertCenter AG
Telefon: +49 641 80 899 520
E-Mail: [email protected]

EV Certificates: Essential for Trust on the Internet

In 2018, approximately 482 million phishing attacks were carried out – more than twice as many as in 2017.

A recent study by the Georgia Institute of Technology Cyber Forensics Innovation Laboratory (CyFI) found that 99.987% of Web sites using an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate are not associated with common forms of online crime.

The company name is displayed in the address bar by the EV certificates (Extended Validation).

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Comodo CA becomes Sectigo

ComodoCA becomes Sectigo. This name change will probably raise many questions for you. We want to answer the most critical issues here:

  • Why does Comodo CA now call itself Sectigo?
  • As a partner of CertCenter AG, what must/can I change?
  • Do my customers have to change anything?
  • Does the name change have any effect on already existing certificates?

First, we would like to explain the name change briefly, and then we will answer your open questions immediately.

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Chrome 68 – Encryption will become a standard from July 24 2018

From July 24 Google Chrome will mark all websites, without a valid SSL certificate, directly and immediately visible to every user as unsafe. Thus Google warns very clearly and consistently against the danger and the resulting risks of an unencrypted connection.

With the release of the Chrome browser version 68 in July 24 of this year, a “Not-Secure” warning is displayed in the Chrome browser bar for each web page that does not use a valid SSL certificate.


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Comodo CA and CertCenter AG to Launch ‘Chrome 66 Release Celebration’

Initiative to Help Thousands of Websites Stay Operational as Google Distrusts Certain SSL Certificates with next Release

CertCenter, an independent certificate management company, and Comodo CA, a worldwide leader in digital identity solutions, have joined forces to help customers keep their websites operational in the wake of Google’s plan to distrust certain TLS/SSL certificates, starting with the release of Chrome 66. Continue reading

Meet our team at the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco

RSA Conference 2018 is approaching fast, and we’re excited to attend that event. Meet our Team in person in the week of the RSA Conference (April, 16th-20th) in San Francisco, CA. Please feel free to complete the form below, including your preferred time to meet: Continue reading

Easily manage Comodo CA Certificates through CertCenter

To meet our growing customer demands to provide solutions from a variety of trusted Certification Authorities(CA), we welcome one of the world’s largest TLS/SSL certificate providers, Comodo CA , as a new participant in our CA Partner Program and a strategic partner of CertCenter AG. Continue reading

We say thank you for 7 years of CertCenter – with 7,777 free wildcard certificates

In October 2010, CertCenter was founded. Although the company was registered in the commercial register for the first time on October 20, 2010, we see the whole of October as the founding month.

As a small thank you, we have thought about taking over the costs for exactly 7,777 GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard certificates (CA’s MSRP $149 each) for our customers (while stocks last, 1 certificate per customer).

That’s how it works:

  • If you have not already done so, sign up for free
  • Log in to the CertCenter
  • Click “Order a certificate” on the left side of the menu
  • Next, to the “GlobalSign AlphaSSL Wildcard” product, click the “Order” button
  • At the bottom of the page, click the link “I’ve got a voucher!
       Please contact our sales team if this link doesn’t exist
  • Deposit the voucher code: CERTCENTER7
       If you’re looking for a 2-yr option, use voucher code CERTCENTER72, and you’ll n get a 50% discount
  • Et voilà – the price has been reduced!

Submit the order.

Thank you for your trust, your loyalty, and your business!

DigiCert & Symantec: A dream couple.

It has been almost a year since Symantec’s hitherto unscathed reputation in the certificate business was shaken because of inconsistencies in the vetting process of some Symantec RAs and the subsequent gloomy forecast by Google’s Chromium team. Every day, you may find articles in the international press that contain sentences such as, “Google plans to stop trusting current Symantec certificates.” However, such headlines seem to come out of thin air, as they are all about certificates issued before June 1, 2016. These also retain the usual compatibility after a free certificate replacement (re-issue), even after April 2018. Continue reading