Norton Secured the Most Recognised Seal on the Web

Here at CertCenter, we always aim to convey the importance of SSL Certificates when using the Internet. The Norton Secured Seal (included in all Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificates) conveys trust in the Internet, and is a dignified sign that attests to a web page’s security and authenticity.

Every day we try to clarify the risks of online buying to companies and individual Internet users. The network is a world of many possibilities, but also of many risks that should be taken seriously. There are (mostly unnoticed by users) malicious codes lurking on thousands of web pages stealing data and abusing identities.

One of the key aspects of our work is making our customers and the community in this field aware. We explain which details should be paid attention to, and how to surf the Internet and maneuver safely in the digital world.

Of course, suspicions may occur during customer consultation that we at CertCenter are biased and advertise our products as the best. This makes survey results from independent market researchers even more valuable as proof of our convictions and neutrality. Here is one of these surveys we stumbled upon today during a Google serach:

This survey confirms that specials agree with us. And of course, it makes us happy and we see we are on the right path! The survey research reveals why we at CertCenter AG put our trust in (and exclusively in the future) Symantec, Thawte and GeoTrust brands.

We’re happy to continue spreading security awareness, informing people that the green address bar is an infallible sign of intensive checks of the company in charge, and not only a nice marketing instrument.

Now that an independent market research institute provides a confirmation that the Norton Secured Seal is the most easily recognized and trustworthy quality mark for eCommerce on the Internet, all Norton Secured Seal users (or of Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificates with Norton Secured Seal) can relax. They can say with certainty that they’ve made a great contribution to customer security and their personal data, and have given at least a half of their customers the possibility to evaluate the advantages and security of their services.

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