Symantec Ready Issuance Now Available at CertCenter

CertCenter has officially launched its Ready Issuance for Symantec SSL Certificates within the management portal “CertCenter Extranet”.

After transmission of an order for an SSL certificate with Organization Validation (OV), an extensive vetting of the applying organization, the relevant contact, and the domain name, are the main responsibilities of the Certification Authorities (CAs).

Only after the vetting process has been carried out can the ordered certificate be issued by the CA and be put into operation by the applying organization. The vetting of the applying organization is the most time consuming and complex part of the entire process, usually taking between 2-4 days. Especially in regards to bigger organizations or more complex company structures, this part of the process will take up a lot of time not only for the administrator, but also the relevant buyer and executive board. That is why in the past, big organizations made use of costly MPKI-solutions, which allowed for a ready issuance of the organization, the contact, and the domain name.

This function, which was previously applied by Symantec within the MPKI-environment exclusively, has now been integrated into the management portal (CertCenter Extranet) by the developers at CertCenter. It is readily available to our customers free of charge.

By employing Ready Issuance, an organization will need to submit to a validation process only once every 39 months. Needless to say, organizations will not only save time for future orders (Symantec SSL Certificates for already pre-authorized organizations are issued within 10 minutes), but also have access to modern administrative tools, more favorable terms, and lucrative discounts when making use of multiple year life cycles, additional SAN Hosts, or licenses.

Additionally, other functions from the MPKI-environment have already been adapted by CertCenter Extranet, and are available free of charge. These functions include: the option to reissue and revoke SSL Certificates, safe authentication via OPT-token (Symantec VIP) or client-certificates, and Role-based Access Control.