New Features: Wildcard SAN, AlwaysOnSSL Now Available with File Validation (Symantec Encryption Everywhere)

Two important new features have been integrated into the CertCenter Platform.

1. Wildcard SAN

For new orders, as well as additional new SAN hosts for existing orders, wildcard SAN hosts (e.g. * can be added for the following products:

The cost of additional wildcard SAN hosts match the respective wildcard products: GeoTrust True BusinessID WildcardThawte SSL WebServer Wildcard, Symantec Secure Site Wildcard and Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard. There is an exception in pricing with GeoTrust True BusinessID. A regular SAN package would be added as soon as you add the first SAN host, which includes four SAN hosts for a fixed price. When adding an additional wildcard SAN, this special rule doesn’t apply. When adding a GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate, a wildcard SAN plus a regular SAN- host, the SAN host will then be counted separately.

2. File Validation for AlwaysOnSSL Certificate (Symantec Encryption Everywhere)

At the start of the Symantec Encryption Everywhere campaign, only domain validation via DNS was possible. Due to many customer requests and pressure on the CA (Certificate Authority), we’ve added file based validation as well. We are happy to announce the launch of this new method for customers took place on August 17th, 2016. The CertCenter API was extended accordingly after the latest rollout. Our official PHP and Python library, as well as our Apache Module (mod_fauth) documentations, were extended with functionality and demos.


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