Easily manage Comodo CA Certificates through CertCenter

To meet our growing customer demands to provide solutions from a variety of trusted Certification Authorities(CA), we welcome one of the world’s largest TLS/SSL certificate providers, Comodo CA , as a new participant in our CA Partner Program and a strategic partner of CertCenter AG.

As one of the few handpicked Comodo CA Platinum Partners worldwide, CertCenter AG not only enjoys the highest possible partner status and the advantages associated with it for our customers, but also the great honor of being able to work for Comodo CA as a Registration Authority (RA).

Our customers will benefit by having the validation process for their certificate orders performed by our local team in Germany making it quicker for you to receive your certificate. CertCenter AG will then act as your point of contact for all Comodo CA products – over the entire life cycle.

As the first step we introduced over 30 new Comodo CA TLS/SSL and Signing solutions. The new products can now be managed via the CertCenter and the CertCenter API. For renewals and for switching from other CAs to Comodo CA, you will automatically be credited with the remaining time of up to 90 days for the duration of your new Comodo CA certificate.

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In the coming weeks, our offer will be complemented by Comodo CA e-mail certificates (S/MIME), EPKI and other interesting products.

Luis Federico Reimers

Head of Marketing and Sales