Comodo CA becomes Sectigo

ComodoCA becomes Sectigo. This name change will probably raise many questions for you. We want to answer the most critical issues here:

  • Why does Comodo CA now call itself Sectigo?
  • As a partner of CertCenter AG, what must/can I change?
  • Do my customers have to change anything?
  • Does the name change have any effect on already existing certificates?

First, we would like to explain the name change briefly, and then we will answer your open questions immediately.

Recently there have been fundamental changes in the various certification authorities. DigiCert or its financier, the private equity firm Thoma Bravo, bought the certificates division from Symantec and Comodo CA was taken over by the private equity firm Francisco Partners. Such a change of ownership often leads to change within a company. In this case, the acquired company, Comodo CA, must change its name in order not to continue to be associated with the former parent company Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

Now let’s look at what will change for you and what will remain the same, and we think that this will answer most of the questions that arise with such a profound change.

Which will NOT change:

Over 20 years experience as CA – The new identity as Sectigo will retain all the existing attributes that have made Comodo CA the most significant commercial certification authority. With the name Comodo, more than 100 million SSL certificates have been issued in 150 countries.

Commitment to Customers & Partners – CertCenter as a Sectigo Platinum Partner continues to strive to provide world-class solutions and support.

CertCenter Expert Team – The change of name to Sectigo has no impact on the professional support provided by CertCenter AG.

Products and Solutions – The rebranding does not change the existing products or services that you use today to identify, prevent, eliminate and combat threats.

What will change for you:

Just the name –  With the new name confusion with Comodo is excluded, and thus any trouble on the market is prevented. In future, the use of the name Comodo will no longer be associated with the operation of a certification authority.

Only the product name – The new brand name will update the product names accordingly. For example, ComodoSSL will be converted to SectigoSSL.

Only the logos and names – The only thing you have to do is to exchange the names and logos. As a reseller, you will find the corresponding logo files and the similar values here:

  • sectigo_logo_color.jpg
  • sectigo_logo_black.jpg


If we were unable to answer all your open questions, please contact our team.

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