Now at CertCenter: Sectigo E-Mail Certificates

The e-mail certificates (S/MIME) from Sectigo are now also available as a cost-effective alternative to the existing e-mail certificate products (e.g. from GlobalSign). Sectigo e-mail certificates can encrypt and sign e-mails but can also be used for client authentication.

The following Sectigo products are now available:

These single certificates differ essentially in the type of validation and the information contained in the certificate.

  • Sectigo E-Mail Certificate Basic
    Validation: by e-mail
    Information in the certificate: E-mail address
  • Sectigo E-Mail Certificate Pro
    Validation: by e-mail and official document (e.g. identity card)
    Information in the certificate: e-mail address, first & last name
  • Sectigo Enterprise E-Mail Certificate
    Validation: via mail and official documents about the person and the company
    Information in the certificate: e-mail address, first & last name, company name

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