We say thank you for 7 years of CertCenter – with 7,777 free wildcard certificates

In October 2010, CertCenter was founded. Although the company was registered in the commercial register for the first time on October 20, 2010, we see the whole of October as the founding month.

As a small thank you, we have thought about taking over the costs for exactly 7,777 GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard certificates (CA’s MSRP $149 each) for our customers (while stocks last, 1 certificate per customer).

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DigiCert & Symantec: A dream couple.

It has been almost a year since Symantec’s hitherto unscathed reputation in the certificate business was shaken because of inconsistencies in the vetting process of some Symantec RAs and the subsequent gloomy forecast by Google’s Chromium team. Every day, you may find articles in the international press that contain sentences such as, “Google plans to stop trusting current Symantec certificates.” However, such headlines seem to come out of thin air, as they are all about certificates issued before June 1, 2016. These also retain the usual compatibility after a free certificate replacement (re-issue), even after April 2018. Continue reading

Symantec Recommends Re-Issuance to Avoid Chrome Browser Warnings [Update 1]

As you may be aware, Symantec Website Security Solutions has been in discussions with the browser community regarding their proposed treatment of our SSL/TLS certificates. In their most recent response, they highlighted that the timing laid out by Google’s latest proposal is not achievable. One aspect of Google’s proposal is that starting August 8, 2017, Chrome would gradually begin mistrusting all Symantec and all GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL branded certificates issued before June 1, 2016. Continue reading

CertCenter Named Symantec Partner of the Year 2016

During the Symantec Partner Roundtable meeting on the 15th of September, 2016, CertCenter AG was announced “Symantec Website Security Partner of the Year“.

This makes us very proud and proves again that we are right on track in reaching our goal to create the most modern platform in the SSL/TLS management area.


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Disabling TLS 1.0 support

As part of continuous improvement to our systems, we are disabling support for TLS 1.0 in our systems. Only TLS 1.1 and 1.2 will be supported going forward. This is in accordance with Industry practice for improved security. If you are a user of CertCenter Extranet, please make sure that your browser supports TLS 1.1/1.2. If you use our APIs, please make sure that your systems access the API over TLS 1.2 (at least TLS 1.1).

We anticipate this update will be made on the following dates:

  • Production – 1st August 2016, 8am Pacific Standard Time (PST)